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The following rules will govern play in the Carolinas BCA Pool League. Along with these rules, the Official Rules of CueSports International will be used.

1. Starting Time of the Match
7:00 PM start time. All players are listed before the match begins. After 15 minutes, games are forfeited.

2. Sanctioning Fees
The $20 annual fee is due the FIRST NIGHT you play. No one is allowed to play without paying the fees.
The yearly fee is from January to January. The player in charge should make sure all weekly fees are paid and follow up if the annual fee has been paid to the league operator.

3. Weekly Team Fees
The team members and player in charge is responsible for the entire team's fee each week. $10 per match(some venues require green fee). You must have a zero balance to be eligible to play the next week. You must pay all fees before leaving the venue. In case of a forfeit, team members could contribute to cover the fee for that player or the player in charge can cover; however the team decides.

4. Handling Weekly Scoresheets & team fees.
Scoresheets can be emailed and fees can be paid through Facebook pay weekly if necessary.

5. Teams Dropping Out If teams drop out after a session has begun all fees are due for the entire session. All team members can contribute for the full fee(this ensures the payouts can be distributed).

6. Suspending Teams from League Play
Any team that forfeits two consecutive weeks or any three weeks in a session will automatically be suspended from any & all future league competition. Any prized monies shall be forfeited. Suspended teams must bring their balance due back to zero before being allowed back into the league. This would include fees for the entire session even though they were not participating. The fees have to be paid for the money to be used for the Vegas trip and shirts.

7. BYE-Teams will receive ½ the total points for any bye. It is preferred to have even # of teams if at all possible.

8. Minors
Are allowed to play and if they should make it to Vegas; they are not allowed in the Casino.

9. Tables & Equipment Used
Tables & pool balls used should be in “playable” condition. If deemed “unplayable” by the League Operator,the match may be moved to another venue.

10. Number of Tables
4 teams/2 tables, 6 teams/3 tables, 8 teams/4 tables, 10 teams/5 tables, 12 teams/6 tables

11. Setting Team Lineups The visiting team will set the lineup on the scoresheet first, & then the home team.

12. Substitute “Sub” Players
(For league play) A sub can only be used for the entire match and must be the same rank or lower. (For playoffs and Vegas)A team may put a (sub) player into the lineup anytime before the start of a round. The captain of the team putting the sub in must notify the opposing team captain prior to the start of the round. If a request is made after the start of the round, then it is up to the opposing team captain to allow the sub to play or not. By rule, they do not have to allow the sub to come in. Subs must be the same rank or lower.

13. Coaching/Time outs
There is no coaching allowed when it is your turn at the table. Your turn starts when your opponent misses, fouls, or pushes out(9 Ball) and the balls stop rolling. When it is your opponent's turn at the table, you can talk to anyone, including your teammates, about any aspect of the game. No time outs are allowed.

14. Shooting Out Policy
With prior approval of the League Operator, one player on a team is allowed to “shoot out” or play all their games consecutively at the start of the match. This policy is not allowed at the BCAPL National Championships.

15. Time Limits to Report to Table
Each team will have (2) minutes to have their player report to the table for their game. The player in charge is encouraged to work with each other whenever possible.

16. Breaking/Jumping
Breaking is determined by the scoresheet. Jumping is allowed.

17. Starting Ratings (Ranks) for New Players
For sanctioned league/a Fargo Rating is given & the system calculates your FargoRate. Established Fargo ratings are based on 200 games. During league play, your rank is calculated by games played divided by points made.

18. Scoring Forfeited Games/Matches/League Fees(please put this beside the name on a scoresheet)
    BR(Break & Run)-Breaking and clearing all the balls
    TR (Table Run)-the nonbreaking player wins the game by clearing all balls on the first turn at table
    WZ (Win-Zip)-Hold your opponent to (0) points but does not have a BR or TR
    WF(Win by Forfeit)
Players playing a “Forfeited” slot on the scoresheet will receive the maximum # of points for each game played. These scores will have a “WF” in front of them when entered into the LMS so that it will not affect a player's rating.

19. No Make Up Matches
Teams will need to forfeit if they do not show or get subs.

20. Eligibility for Playoffs (Subject to change)
There will generally be 3 sessions in a year. The top two teams are qualified for the playoffs and wild-cards(b/t3-5 teams). If your team qualifies in the winter, summer or fall, you must remain an active team until the playoffs.

21. Eligibility for BCAPL National Championships in Las Vegas, NV
Players who have played a minimum of (8) full regularly scheduled BCAPL league matches in the same division during a single sanctioned session, & are deemed an active player by the League Operator, are eligible to play in the BCAPL Natl Championships.

22. Team Rosters
Team size    Max Roster
3-player 5    players
4-player 7    players

23. Roster Changes/Adding New Players
Players cannot be added to the roster after week 4 of play unless it is for survival of the team. League Operator will determine “Survival” guidelines.

24. Team Rating Limits/High/Low-can change once an established FargoRate
In Vegas, the division as of now is 2750 team FargoRate. Based on the FargoRate-the team skill level will be determined as members gain their established FargoRate which is 200 games. High and low players will be required.

25. Proof of Identity
All players must be able to provide proof of identity prior to the start of a match.

26. Sandbagging Policies
This league will not tolerate “sandbagging”(playing at a skill level below a player's true ability in order to manipulate & gain an unfair advantage) of any kind. The League Operator reserves the right to manually adjust any player's rating at any time if sandbagging is suspected. A warning is issued, repeated sandbagging may result in suspension or expulsion from the league.

27. Slow Play The goal is to have fun & enjoy playing. On rare occasions the League Operator may have to rule on slow play and put one or both players on a 30 second clock.

28. Unsportsmanlike Conduct and Penalties
Unsportsmanlike conduct is actions that are embarrassing, disruptive, or detrimental to other players, spectators, event official, or the sport in general. Exact penalties will be determined by the League Operator. Penalties may range from warning to suspension/expulsion from the league, disqualification from a tournament or playoff or forfeiture of payout.

29. Prize Fund Distribution Payouts will be posted each session. How and when funds will be disbursed is posted. Total payout is based on all teams completing the session and rendering all fees due. Otherwise; adjustments to payouts will be made. Payouts for Vegas is based on dues collected. Generally, each player receives
$1,000 once they are in Vegas to play.

30. Fargo Rating
Download Fargo Rate App for stats-you must have to play in Vegas

31. Vegas FargoRate Championship Limits
"Gold Division"
"Silver Division"
"Bronze Division"
Team Size
Rating Limit
Team Size
Rating Limit
Team Size
Rating Limit
"Platinum Division"
"Diamond Division"
Team Size
Rating Limit
Team Size
Rating Limit
32. Playoffs “(subject to change)”
Teams who make the playoffs and are lower ranked can choose 2 higher players to play in the playoffs with them, and if the lower ranked players do not play in the playoffs-they go to Vegas if your team wins. Submit the higher players to the league operator that you will be using in the playoffs. Playoffs will be 5 man teams regardless if you have a 3 or 4 man team during the session. FargoRates can not exceed 2750. Playoffs are a race-no handicap.

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